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Moa Arts Merchandise

Posted on December 13th 2019

Sometimes it can be tricky finding an artwork that suits. That's why we developed a range of merchandise. Our teatowels, greeting cards and silk scarves have all been developed by our artists right here on Mua Island and because we are an Indigenous owned and operated Art Centre, all profits go back into running programs that support local artists. We pay above the recommended royalty rates for each of our designs (and recipes!) as well. 

Our tea towels are practical and beautiful, each 100% linen and featuring unique Torres Strait recipes. $35 

Our greeting cards come with envelopes and are printed on durable 300gsm stock with a matt laminate finish. Sold individually for $5 or $18.50 for a set of 4.

Our silk scarves feature unique designs by some of our leading artists. $65

Banana in Coconut Milk tea towel
Fish Soup tea towel
Bisi Damper tea towel
Fried Banana Scones tea towel
Sop Sop tea towel
Coconut Damper tea towel
David Bosun greeting card - Kazi Laig
Fiona Elisala greeting card - Gasi (detail)
Paula Savage greeting card - Baskets
Solomon Booth greeting card - Dhangal Urgnu Tadiak