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Latest News February 2018

Posted on March 5th 2018

Following on from last August’s success at DAAF (under the auspices of IACA and made possible through the generous offices of TSRA through their Culture, Art and Heritage grants program), which was our first trip to the Darwin Aboriginal Art fair, we have partnered with Koskela in a lampshade making project, featuring Paula Savage and six of our artists, David Bosun, Solomon Booth, Fiona Elisala, Victor Motlop, Maria Ware and Paula Savage, have featured in an Indigenous Residential Printmaking Program facilitated through Kick Arts at the Cairns TAFE.

The studio is busier than it has been for a long time with many artists returning to the fold, creating a volume of work that will form the basis of our fine art and market place displays at CIAF.

Next month will see a visit from Glenn Iseger to help facilitate our contribution to an IACA (Indigenous Arts Centre Alliance) wide exhibition and we will soon be able to showcase a film we have been working on (dir. Jan Cattoni) which features three artists (David, Solly and Fiona) working with Corvine Press in Brisbane and footage of both the St.Paul’s and Kubin communities.

We are also hopeful of exhibiting in Wooloongabba in October……….more on that later


PHIL Davies (Manager)

Solomon Booth, Indigenous Residential Printmaking Program facilitated through Kick Arts at the Cairns TAFE.