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Moa Arts at DAAF 19

Solly and Paula @ DAAF19

Exhibition Dates

9th - 11th August 2019

Rising star Paula Savage and Moa Arts Chairman / senior artist Solomon Booth travelled to Darwin in August 2019 for the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. It was a bit of a breakout year for Zenadth Kes artists, with Gab Titui and Badu Art Centres also travelling over, and the dancers from St Pauls captivating audiences with their amazing singing and dancing. The Torres Strait remains a bit of a mystery for mainland Australians, so it was great to be able to turn up at DAAF in force, showcasing the best of the printmaking and weaving traditions of Mua Island. 

There was a lot of interest in the new works on paper by Paula Savage and Fiona Elisala too, with Paula being invited down for a group exhibition at Cross Art Projects in Sydney on the back of her woven paper works. All in all it was a great result from a lot of hard work by the artists and staff at Moa Arts. Looking forward to seeing you there again next year!

Moa Arts @ DAAF19
Solly @ the Booth