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Leanne Binawel

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up there but I also grew up on Dauan Island where I spent most of my childhood. This was my mother's side of

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Maria Ware

"I have been making art since school and was taught weaving from my mum and aunties as well as others art work."

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Mersane Loban

"I believe that art is a significant way for me as a Torres Strait Islander woman to express myself."

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Paula Savage

My name is Paula Savage, I'm from Kubin Community Moa Island in the near western cluster of islands in the Torres Strait.

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Solomon Booth

“The ideas and themes that I produce in my artwork are based on the rich lifestyle and livelihood of our ancestors and the myths and legends and beliefs of our forefathers and mothers."

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Victor Motlop

"My culture and day-to-day living was passed down to me from generation to generation and I am proud to display some of this culture in my art and crafts."

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