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Jean Tamwoy

5th Sep 1986

Jean Tamwoy, Kubin Village Mua Island indigenous art

Born:            Thursday Island
Resides:       Kubin Village, Moa Island Torres Strait Islands
Clan:             Ekilgal-Kaigas (Shovelnose shark)
Language:    Creole
Art Centre:    Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Arts, Moa Island


Lino-cut,  screen-print, silk painting, painting on paper and jewellery.


I have lived all my life in Kubin Community on Moa Island.  My father is of Torres Strait heritage and of the Ekilgal Clan of Kubin whose totem is Kaigas the Shovelnose shark.  My mother is from mainland Aboriginal heritage from the Ankamuthi clan of the Seven Rivers in Cape York.  Her totem is the freshwater long-necked turtle.  

Art gives me the opportunity to show to the world the culture and heritage both my father’s and mother’s ancestry.  Through visual arts I can show the stories that have been passed down from our mothers and fathers for generations and generations to come.

My interest in art started at a young age and through our junior high school where I studied visual arts. I gave up art for a while to pursue other career opportunities.  Now that the art centre at  Kubin has started up I have decided to take up  art again.  Now I’m pretty happy to be the way I am as a new artist and to showcase my  knowledge of my culture and heritage to the world.