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Githalaigau Urr

Fiona Elisala

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Githalaigau Urr


Githalaigau urr, meaning tide for hunting crabs, illustrates the best time to gather and hunt. This work teaches of the natural rhythms and movements of the moon and the tides, in order to harvest and hunt at the correct time, when the crabs swell and their meat becomes full and fleshy. The best time to hunt the githalai (crab) is during the easterly trades wind season (sagerr), this is when the crabs are fullest and most plentiful, as the female crabs are reproducing and carrying their eggs inside. This artwork illustrates the significance of the seventh stage of the tide mark, showing us when it is the right time to hunt the githalai and teaching of the certain moon phases that mark the swell of the crabs. It is only during this particular moon phase that the crabs begin to emerge and as the tide recedes the crabs will follow back out to sea. This work strikingly speaks of the relationship between the moon, the tides, and the hunting of the githalai, this connection is depicted by the downward pointing triangles reaching from the moon (kisai) to the sea (adhabudh).