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George Gabey

6th Feb 1992

I am From the Zagareb Tribe of Mer Island and also from the Panai and Wagadagam Clan of the Western Island Cluster of the Torres Strait, Besi, Mabuiag Island.

Artistic talent runs through my veins, whether it's to do with music, traditional dancing, carvings, crafts or visual arts.

I started doing art using black and white mediums and sketching from a very young age. Sketching landscapes of the place I grew up, sketching animals from books, sketching family portraits and doodling.

From 1998 - 2009 I won art merits throughout my schooling career.

I started experimenting with acrylic paints on paper then moved from paper on to ready made canvases. I won "peoples choice" through Gab Titui Indigenous Art Awards and also got a chance to take a tour with my artwork to Cairns and Brisbane with 39 other Indigenous students. We took a visit to the University of Griffith at South Bank and Queensland University of Technology and did activities with students from the Universities. 

In 2010, I attended Griffith University (Queensland College of Arts South Bank) for a year then deferred. I didn't think that I would/could work full-time as an artist. I am now currently working as a Print Assistant at Moa Arts Centre in Torres Strait.

I find printing lino and doing etching very challenging, because the mediums are new to me, but enjoying I am every bit of my professional development.

I tried working for different agencies and government jobs and doing my art at the same time but then again, the jobs that I did weren't suitable for me. I couldn't focus on my art as I was always get distracted by friends. So I chose to do art as a full-time worker in the MOa Art Centre.

I initially taught myself how to do screen printing, I have been doing screen printing workshops in the community as an emerging artist and still am. Plus now I have done some professional workshops and been learning new techniques.

I love art, I have a passion for art, I love teaching art and the best thing about art is that you get to travel and meet new artists or famous artists and you make friends with them. The benefits of it is the profit.

I am prepared to be challenged by other art skills out there in the art industry.


Group Exhibition:

  • Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) Exhibition - CIAF, Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns, QLD


  • Torres Shire Council NAIDOC Artist of the Year 2017
  • Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award - Peoples Choice 2009
  • Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award - Peoples Choice 2008