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David Bosun

Born 12/03/1973, Thursday Island.
Torres Strait Island artist David Bosun grew up in a very sensitive cultural environment and from the age of four he practised traditional dancing and singing.

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Ephraim Whap

"I am doing carving, painting, lino-cut and jewellery. So yes, I love doing artwork and crafts. Professionally doing what I do best.”

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Flora Warria

My name is Flora Warria, I'm from Kubin Community On Moa Island In the Torres Strait.

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Fred Joe

I come Kurdal,Kruz and Dhangal totem through my parents.I lived and grew on Kubin Village Mua island and it is situated in the near western cluster

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George Gabey

I am From the Zagareb Tribe of Mer Island and also from the Panai and Wagadagam Clan of the Western Island Cluster of the Torres Strait, Besi, Mabu

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